Big love to you all from the sea - We've moved! More about that and some other exciting news further down. First up -

Tickets are now on sale for my next London headline show on 18 APR at The Lexington!

You can grab them here http://www.seetickets.com/tour/anil-sebastian

"An ambitious and emotionally powerful show. One of the highlights of the year."  
Mark Muldoon, Glastonbury Emerging Talent Judge

 "adventurous electronic pop, with R&B touches and immense soul. Sebastian is frighteningly talented"  Line of Best Fit

30 March - Mesonoxian Acoustic - Supporting Manu Delago

I'm supporting the amazingly talented Manu Delago at Islington Assembly Hall on March 30th 2017. Harpist Glenda Allaway and I are doing some really special acoustic versions of Mesonoxian songs - can't wait!

Tickets here - http://www.soundcrashmusic.com/manu-delago-iah/

Here is the video to Drumheart - a song Manu and I wrote for his album Silver Kobalt. We had beautiful times shooting the video out in Austria last year - getting wrapped and unwrapped in a blue cloth!

Life by the sea

...I am now living on top of a cliff. Each day is different. It's often silent. One night the moon was huge and orange. Other nights, the stars are the only light. The trees are amazing - old and battered by the salt and wind. I love it so far. Writing Album Two has begun. We've also put the finishing touches to a really special Deluxe version of Mesonoxian with harps and choirs as well as some live recordings and remixes. More news on that soon!


On other news, this month I contributed a choral arrangement to South African artist Nakhane's new album which Ben Christophers is producing. We recorded it with the choir (LCV of course!) on Friday. It's been incredible working on it - I was surprised by quite how moved I was - I can't even begin - still echoing in my mind all mixed in with the sound of the sea (and sea gulls haha). 

Anil (Squirrel)



My Closer single is out now and I'm SO excited to share Rino Stefano Tagliafierro's beautiful video for it. It premiered earlier on New York based Stereogum.  Here it is!

In the last squirrel mail, I tallked about how Closer is about a calm, unspoken erasure of life to depression. It is the biggest cause of death for under 30s  - but we don’t speak of it - it is a taboo. As it was World Mental Health day last week, it feels even more right to finally be putting this track out.

The single is available to BUY/STREAM here: 



I will be performing a special version of Closer with harpist Glenda Allaway at 7 pm on Sonny & Shay, BBC RADIO LONDON. I will also speaking to them about what the track is all about. 

The Mesonoxian Album launch show is coming soon!! So excited. You can buy tickets here http://www.anilsebastian.com/#live-section

Over and out! 

Anil (Squirrel) XX


Hi! I've just arrived in Canada from Iceland. Here is the trailer to 'Closer' directed by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro shot in Milan, Italy with Sian O'Gorman transformed into a figure inspired by Gustav Klimt's Mermaids

Mesonoxian Album Launch - ICA - 27th October 2016

Rehearsals for the Mesonoxian Album Launch on 27th October recommence when I get back from the land of fire and ice ;) - going to be epic! We're having live visuals by Casual Psychotic - just seen the first draft and they're really beautiful. You can buy tickets here http://www.anilsebastian.com/#live-section

More about the Closer

Sian O'Gorman and I went to Milan to shoot the video with Rino back in April. We drank a lot of Aperol Spritz and ate a lot of gelato. My (incredible) brother Ingmar and I produced the track.

Closer is about a calm, unspoken erasure of life to depression. It is the biggest cause of death for under 30s  - but we don’t speak of it - it is a taboo. It is about fear of death - something that dominates and drives so much human life - sometimes to the point where we fear life itself. It is about the beauty in depression - the dark glittering onyx of it - it is about how we see ourselves - distorted, deformed, painted - but always from behind the veil of our senses - never truly from the outside. It is about standing on the event horizon of a black hole - a kind of l'appel du Vide.

Sian O’Gorman (above), who also sings on the track, appears in the video as a figure inspired by the painting "Mermaids" by Gustav Klimt. The video is split into two parts, one light and one dark. We often live between these parallel realities sliding below and back. Melancholy and happy, distant and but somehow always “Closer."

You can find out more about Rino's amazing work herewww.rinostefanotagliafierro.com

Can't wait to share the full video with you next week!




Hi hi hi 

My third single, We Both Know is out now! AND - I'm really excited to announce that the Mesonoxian album launch show will be on 27th October at the ICA, London. 

Much of 'Mesonoxian' was written around the time of my father’s death. We Both Know' is as much about that as it is about a relationship (and personal) breakdown. In a particularly dark period a couple of years back, I wrote the string arrangement and sent it to our friend Vince Sipprell. He sent back it back recorded perfectly. At the end of each take he had left a little message in a funny voice for me. I will never forget the feeling - really lifted me. Vince died before the track was finished. He was such a kind and exceptional guy. It took me & Ingmar a long time to find our way with it after that- the whole track felt so immersed in grief so we gave the track to Cherif Hashizume. His organic Arca-esque electronics & beats breathed something new into it - it came alive again. I recorded the vocals late in the night at Cafe Music Studios - Cherif supplied me with honey vodka - and we got though it somehow. It now feels forward facing and uplifting in a way I didn't expect to ever experience. Hugest of thanks and squirrel love to Vince, Didier, Ingmar, Kumar and Cherif - you saved my life (literally). 

buy/listen/subscribe here:

Itunes: http://goo.gl/quMOQf
Apple music: http://goo.gl/2jGCqT
Spotify: http://goo.gl/HBz9EC

BBC Introducing & Live Sessions - Record of the Week!

BBC Introducing made ‘Human’ Record of the Week! Last week, I performed a special version of We Both Know with harpist Glenda Allaway live on BBC Asian Network which you can listen here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07q3bl0 between 2:13-2:27. 

In case you missed it, you can also listen to an interview with Sonny & Shay on BBC Radio London about ‘Living’ here
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p043gfsw#play from 1:33.

Mesonoxian Album Launch - 27th October 2016 - ICA, London

Advance tickets for the Mesonoxian launch are now available!

You can buy them here http://www.anilsebastian.com/#live-section.

The picture above is of my (part-liquified) band minus Andrew Bird, the latest addition. Andy wrote Human with me and is going to be joining us on all manor of instruments (Glockenspiel, even). Casual Psychotic (the guy that made my Hiraeth film) is going to be doing live visuals - it's going to be beautiful... 

There's a lot to celebrate - even in this strange & dark times - more than ever perhaps :)

Big squirrel love 



Hiraeth Part II: Living - single release! 

You can buy/listen here:

Itunes: https://goo.gl/UUxmCn
Apple music: https://goo.gl/FIdLVc

"Living emphasises the humane in these troubled times...it's a a remarkably potent work. Anil's voice swoops and soars, while the bubbling electronics recall the furtive creativity of Arca" - Clash


Here is the full HD video which makes the second and final part of Hiraeth, an animated film by Casual Psychotic.

I won't spoil it by going on about what I think it means - I will let it speak for itself for now :)X

Love Anil X

Squirrel Mail #4

Thanks for all the love & support for Human! I’m really excited to share a trailer Ingmar made for Living – the second and final part of Hiraeth an animated film by Casual Psychotic. 

The single will be out on 5th August! 


The single will be out on 5th August! 

I will share more of my own thoughts next time. In the meantime, here are a few words from the director, Casual Psychotic:

“me and Anil thought it would be a cool idea to build a world around the two tracks. I guess in a way the man on the moon (in the videos) is a bit like any artist, you build a strange inner universe, it gets out of your control and by its very projection it pushes you out in to a vacuum in which you just float for a bit before finding another planet or in most non astral travelling circumstances another idea, song, image or whatever it is you do.” 

Human is also now on Spotify as well as itunes and Apple Music.

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/1Df46IGNiY1G00P6d3fD2N?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/human-single/id1119541068?ls=1&app=itunes

Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/human-single/id1119541068?ls=1


I’m just back from Secret Garden Party with London Contemporary Voices choir! Best moment was our space-inspired main stage performance with Basement Orchestra. This weekend, I’m off to Camp Bestival with the choir to perform our Spacejunk show in the Big Top!

It’s all about space it seems…


Squirrel Mail #3

Hi Squirrels

‘Human’ my debut single is out today! The Human video, which premiered on Line of Best Fit earlier this week, is the first part of Hiraeth, a two part animated film byCasual Psychotic. Here it is… 

You can buy/listen here:

Premiere on The Line Of Best Fit – “it’s a sparkling, sweeping, epic taste of his upcoming debut album – Mesonoxian.”: http://bit.ly/HumanBestFit

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/human-single/id1119541068?ls=1&app=itunes

Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/human-single/id1119541068?ls=1

I explained a bit about what Hiraeth was all about in the last Squirrel mail, but here’s a bit more.

I wrote ‘Human’ with my friend Andrew R Bird in his flat. It started with some beautiful glockenspiel loops Andy played (he’s an amazing percussionist). There was no blue in the sky, just impenetrable grey – the kind that makes your eyes go funny. When London’s like that, it’s easy to forget that the huge black void of space and all its stars is still there just beyond it. Humanstarts in that dark, claustrophobic place but by the end there’s a playful acceptance – we’re in a massive unknowable void and so we may as well dance. After all, we’re only human. Can we be any more?

As well as a sneak of Part II Living, I’ll be sharing more thoughts from the director Casual Psychotic next time. It would also be cool to hear your thoughts, so feel free to hit reply- It’s actually been really nice getting email 

repliesfrom real people :D.



Anil x

Squirrel Mail #2


Thanks for all the love this month! Politically, musically, the last few weeks has fired up my squirrel neurons into all sorts of colours. Human life is a perplexing clusterfuck, so … we’ve made an animated world to escape to….

Hiraeth a two part animated film by Casual Psychotic. Part 1 is called ‘Human’. It will be first single from my album Mesonoxian – it’s coming out on 15th July! Here’s a sneak preview!

I wrote ‘Human’ with my friend Andrew R Bird. I was remembering watching the stars from my window when I was 8 wanting to Jack-and-the-beanstalk myself off the planet, to begin again. If we could leave and start again, would we fail in the same ways again? Could we fail better than we have? Hiraeth is a welsh word that describes the feeling I had – a homesick grief for something that no longer exists (or perhaps never did). With everything going on in the UK, it seems strangely relevant at the moment. Whichever camp you’re in, big love to all of you who’ve been stressed out by it all.

Squirrel XX