Hi! I've just arrived in Canada from Iceland. Here is the trailer to 'Closer' directed by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro shot in Milan, Italy with Sian O'Gorman transformed into a figure inspired by Gustav Klimt's Mermaids

Mesonoxian Album Launch - ICA - 27th October 2016

Rehearsals for the Mesonoxian Album Launch on 27th October recommence when I get back from the land of fire and ice ;) - going to be epic! We're having live visuals by Casual Psychotic - just seen the first draft and they're really beautiful. You can buy tickets here http://www.anilsebastian.com/#live-section

More about the Closer

Sian O'Gorman and I went to Milan to shoot the video with Rino back in April. We drank a lot of Aperol Spritz and ate a lot of gelato. My (incredible) brother Ingmar and I produced the track.

Closer is about a calm, unspoken erasure of life to depression. It is the biggest cause of death for under 30s  - but we don’t speak of it - it is a taboo. It is about fear of death - something that dominates and drives so much human life - sometimes to the point where we fear life itself. It is about the beauty in depression - the dark glittering onyx of it - it is about how we see ourselves - distorted, deformed, painted - but always from behind the veil of our senses - never truly from the outside. It is about standing on the event horizon of a black hole - a kind of l'appel du Vide.

Sian O’Gorman (above), who also sings on the track, appears in the video as a figure inspired by the painting "Mermaids" by Gustav Klimt. The video is split into two parts, one light and one dark. We often live between these parallel realities sliding below and back. Melancholy and happy, distant and but somehow always “Closer."

You can find out more about Rino's amazing work herewww.rinostefanotagliafierro.com

Can't wait to share the full video with you next week!