PRS Momentum - Emperor's New Mind - Animated Film & Soundtrack!!!




PRS Foundation, Arts Council England, Spotify and PPL have awarded me the PRS Momentum Music Fund!

I'm feeling very soppy right now. It's almost exactly a year since I released Mesonoxian. I'll be working with an incredible team of people to create an animated film and soundtrack including Thomas H Rawle, Cherif Hashizume and my brother Ingmar Kamalagharan. As well as hopefully being a beautiful thing in itself, It will be a surreal and artful exploration into consciousness, artificial intelligence and quantum physics. I'll be sharing more ideas about these things and our exciting dabblings in the coming weeks and months.

Today, I'm watching the sea - writing lyrics - thinking about swarming starlings, branching trees and mad ideas like quantum activity in microtubials between neurons. I'm loving dusting off my old physics books and thinking about these things (and thinking about whatever 'thinking' even is).

I will leave you with some pictures from my performances with  Hrím, Manu Delago and Hunrosa at London Contemporary Voices Beneath the Tracks at Omeara earlier this month.