Mesonoxian - big love & thank you!


My album Mesonoxian is finally here! It's been such an epic couple of months... 

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Mesonoxian is available to buy at www.anilsebastian.com

This is a very personal release for me - so it's been hard to know what to write in such strange political times. After a couple of weeks of flitting between hermitting, hibernating & partying - it seems a good time to say something about it all. Ingmar (my brother and I) set up our own label Relative State Records - and with some help from some seriously dedicated and amazing people, we've finally done it and we're immensely proud of Mesonoxian. It's been a long time coming and I'm really overwhelmed by all your support.

To celebrate - here are some pics I found of Ingmar  & I making stuff & partying.


Mesonoxian - what it's all about

Mesonoxian means ‘pertaining to midnight’. I was a terrible insomniac sleep-walker kid - still am. I remember watching the stars from my window when I was eight or so, wanting to Jack-and-the-Beanstalk myself off the planet... to begin again. If we could leave and start again, would we fail in the same ways again? Could we fail better than we have? Who would we take? Hiraeth, the title of the animated film for my first two singles "Human" and "Living" is a Welsh word that describes the feeling I had - a homesick grief for something that no longer exists (or in this case probably never did). We are tiny in the universe but look to space, the cold desolate void that surrounds us, as an expanse of hope and the future. 

Mesonoxian is about all of these things. 

It’s about the illusory nature of time and our conception of it - both from a personal point of view and a physics point of view. Nearly all of the songs started in my teens and are about my Dad’s death. I abandoned them for a long time and rediscovered them recently during a breakdown and decided it was time to finish them.

Mesonoxian is also a lot about a beautiful three-way connection that blew me open and - oddly - became the last step in my grief over my Dad’s death…somehow it contained the final piece of the puzzle and I was able to finish the songs. 

Here are some nice things other people have said about the record

Line of Best Fit

"The beguiling release is bursting with ruminations on life and death and mental states - it's a gorgeous listen from start to end, but scratch under the surface and it can be harrowing. Sebastian pulls no punches, peeling back his skin to show what's underneath. It's brave at every turn."

Full review & interview: https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/news/latest-news/anil-sebastian-streams-new-record-mesonoxian

Candid Magazine

"I am utterly heartbroken to have not found this artist sooner. Since being introduced to Anil Sebastian and his work I have had it on repeat, and I have been pulled into the little world that he has created with his album: Mesonoxian. Produced by Anil himself along with his brother Ingmar and Cherif Hashizume, Mesonoxian is an expansive landscape of sound, shifting from lonely introspection to comforting snugness in the sonic maelstrom of this work."

 Full review: http://www.candidmagazine.com/new-music-anil-sebastian/

PRS Magazine

Here is a fuller interview in PRS Magazine which explains more about what the album is all about.


Mesonoxian Album Launch - Live at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

Here are some photos by Carsten Windhorst of my album launch at ICA! More gigs will be announced in the coming weeks .


That's all for now! Massive love!